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The Power of the Blair Technique for Upper Cervical Subluxation

At Natural Way Chiropractic, our doctors employ a variety of specialized techniques to help you achieve peak health and well-being, including the Blair Technique for upper cervical subluxation. Your spine is a feat of engineering, providing support, flexibility, and protection for your nervous system. However, it is not invincible. Modern stresses, such as poor posture […]

Exploring the Blair Upper Cervical Technique

The Blair Upper Cervical Technique, a chiropractic care method used to treat various health problems and promote overall well-being, is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and precision. Dr. William Blair developed this specialized approach in the mid-twentieth century, focusing on the complex relationship between the central nervous system and the upper cervical spine. This […]

Navigating Health: Physiotherapist vs. Chiropractor in Calgary

Individuals seeking holistic health and wellness frequently consider both physiotherapists and chiropractors’ services. When evaluating the key differences between Physiotherapist vs Chiropractor approaches, each profession contributes significantly to overall well-being. Let us explore how Calgary residents can benefit from chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments. Understanding Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is a dynamic healthcare profession dedicated to restoring and […]

Are Chiropractors Doctors?

To properly answer the question of whether Chiropractors Are Doctors, it is best to first refresh our memories on the definition of the word Doctor. Defining Doctors According to Google and Oxford Languages, Doctor as a noun can be defined generally in the two following ways: A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician A person […]