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What to expect at your

Initial Natural Way Visit

We are ready and looking forward to meeting you. When you arrive, you can check-in, and give your completed health history forms to the front desk team. (Download the forms from the above leaf icons beside New Patient Forms).

After you have checked-in, we will give you a tour of your new wellness center and show you around. After your tour you will then meet the Doctor for your consultation. At the consultation you will discuss all of your full health history, and consult health concerns, and complete any needed exams and x-rays (if necessary). You will then be scheduled a follow up appointment to review the consultation findings with the Doctor and make an informed decision on your health. 

Some of our initial testings (if necessary) includes:

  • Millennium/Insight computerized testing
  • Range of motion, and mobility testing
  • Electromyography
  • Thermography
  • Digital posture pictures
  • X-rays (taken on-site)
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On your follow up visit we will be provided the results of all exams, and all information necessary to make an informed decision about your health, and set your goals. This follow-up visit will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Natural Way Chiropractic
Relief Through
Corrective Care

Our Calgary Chiropractors provide relief to our patients by determining the root cause, via an in-depth consultation, followed up with a series of nerve and body scans done in-house, same day.

We work to correct the root cause of your symptoms for your healthier tomorrow. Relief today provides a better tomorrow!

Together we can achieve your best health! Get started with a no-risk or obligation consultation.

Optimized Performance
and Wellness

Natural Way Chiropractic provides a quality-of-life-driven health care system. Being a part of Natural Way Chiropractic will provide you with education, support services, and corrective interventions so that you can heal and evolve to a better healthier future.

Preventive care and wellness checkups are the best care that you can provide for yourself. ~Catch it early!

Having an optimally functioning and moving body can reduce injury and the effects of accidents and falls.

High Quality Health Care and Wellness Services

Natural Way Chiropractors and Health Team are with you at every step in your better health journey. We ensure that you are getting the best care and results. We will start with learning all about you! Book a consultation and see what we can do to help you.

Our goal is to optimize your health through specific and effective strategies. Our services are designed to address your specific needs, quickly, and gently.

  • Personalized Care
  • Individualized Support
  • Lifetime Patient Care
  • Supporting Network
  • Updated Health Information & Checks
  • Patient only invites to Special Events
  • Pain Relief 
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Youth and Adult Corrective Care
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We are pleased to have over 350+ happy patients at Natural Way Chiropractic.

Holistic Healthcare

Natural Way Chiropractic Calgary

We’re ready and able to provide you with great care and get you started on your wellness-healing journey. Our members receiving corrective care are welcomed to our Foundations Workshop, Lunch & Learns, and our Dr. ‘TED’ Talks. These events are filled with ‘knowledge bombs’ around optimizing your health at home, on the go, or at the office. You’ll receive exercises, best practices, updated health information, and learn what you can do to get the best results possible, quickly. Join our Natural Way health care network for your better overall wellness, at home, at work, or on the go! 

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