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Dr Kale Matovich Natural Way Chiropractor Calgary

Dr. Kale Matovich

My chiropractic story began long before I knew anything about chiropractic. As a child I was struck by a car while riding my bike. As a result of the many months in hospital and years in recovery I developed a passion for methods of maximizing health. I changed my diet, became interested in exercise and physical fitness and did pretty much everything else I knew of to optimize my health. Like many people, I didn’t know much about Chiropractic and I felt great, in fact I was competing at a high level in a variety of sports, so I didn’t think I needed to pursue it.

Dr Patricia Kimak Natural Way Chiropractor Calgary

Dr. Patricia Kimak

Dr. Patricia did not begin seeing a Chiropractor until she was in University completing her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta. She started care not for a specific reason but for overall wellness. “For the first time in my life in my life, I could run without having to stop and brace myself!” Dr. Patricia attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California where she learned about the nervous system, its healing potential and its ability to adapt.

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Common Questions

What’s Natural Way Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Center

At Natural Way, our clients regularly comment on how unique our practice is. During your visit to Natural Way Chiropractic, you’ll enjoy a gentle and comfortable adjustment in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere and get to meet our doctors.

Our team takes pride in providing a different experience than you might have had during previous chiropractic experiences. The chiropractors at Natural Way use specific techniques, paired with the most advanced chiropractic technology, to measure and correct any imbalances in your body to help you achieve optimal health.

Our Chiropractor Adjustments Unique Technique

Our chiropractic doctors perform adjustments with the use of an instrument called the ProAdjuster. With this instrument, the resistance and placement of each vertebra are measured independently, and in relation to each other, allowing our chiropractors to precisely adjust only the specific vertebrae that are in need of correction and using very minimal pressure. 

Natural Way Chiropractic

What to Expect During a Treatment

During your chiropractic treatment, the entire spine is evaluated with a series of comprehensive nervous system exams before any adjustment is made. During this step, the doctors will be able to determine exactly where an adjustment will promote optimal correction of the nervous system.

At Natural Way Chiropractic, our practitioners pay special attention to the alignment of the upper neck. It is common for new patients to feel nervous about their upper neck being adjusted; however, most find they are relieved after their first adjustment. Our new patients commonly express how their upper neck adjustment was comfortable and gentle. Additionally, our patients particularly enjoy that their upper neck correction did not involve any “twisting, popping or cracking”, and are happy with the relief they find afterward.

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Chiropractic Care Progression & Maintaining Your Health

Chiropractic care can make great progressive changes to your health and wellbeing. Corrective care will reduce your injury, pain and help your body function better overall. When you feel the benefits that corrective chiropractor care brings to your life. You’ll want to keep progressing and feeling better and better. You wouldn’t stop working out at the gym just because you’ve reached your goal weight, you will keep up your results. Chiropractic care is the same principle as working out. Regular care will prevent you from regression, and help you achieve better health and wellbeing over and over, and time after time. Book a consultation, and see what we can help you achieve.