Gift of Health Copy

At Natural Way we are committed to enhancing the health of our community. You are receiving this because someone who cares about you wants to share this gift with you.

This is your EXCLUSIVE invitation to take advantage of our FAMILY GIFT OF HEALTH program. 

Once someone visits our office and understands why it is important to have a check-up they want to have everyone in their family checked. This invitation allows you to have your entire initial discovery visit complimentary a savings of $270.

This visit MUST be scheduled within the FIRST TWO weeks that the person who gave this to you started care.This allows us the ability to continue to provide this amazing offer to everyone who begins care.

Click the button below to schedule. Please note if you don’t find the time you are looking for please text our office 403-246-0334 and our team can work their magic to help find something that will.