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Movement is an important component to every wellness plan. We’ve created a dedicated space for functional movement with an athletic therapist in our Movement Studio.

Every day our bodies perform complex, coordinated movements. Unfortunately, excessive sitting, muscle imbalances and poor posture impact how our bodies function, and deteriorates our everyday movement patterns.

We've Designed a Program to Combat This!

Our doctors will perform a preliminary screening test to determine if/where your body is presenting dysfunction. If major dysfunctional patterns are found, our athletic therapist will perform full assessment with you. During this assessment, the therapist will do an in-depth examine of the 8 basic movement patterns. Afterward, our doctors will consult with the therapist and build a movement training plan unique to your body.

We offer functional movement training in small groups for 30 minute sessions. This allows the therapist to pay close attention to everyone, ensuring proper alignment and form.

The benefits of functional movement include:

  • Increased mobility
  • Increased stability
  • Increased balance
  • Increased strength
  • Decreased muscle tension
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Meet Josee

Prior to choosing athletic therapy, Josee was a varsity track and field athlete who suffered ample low leg injuries. Without the proper injury rehabilitation guidance, Josee continued to train and race; unknowingly progressing the degenerative rate of her injuries.

Learning from personal experience, Josee felt compelled to pursue a career in preventative measures, and so attended Camosun College to obtain a degree in Athletic Therapy. It was there that she learnt to specialize in injury prevention, assessment and rehabilitation using therapeutic exercise There is no reason that we can’t ensure musculoskeletal health, if we put an emphasis on functional movement- and the improvement of it. Josee’s treatment philosophy is that movement is medicine.

Find out how you can benefit by better movement. Schedule your movement assessment today!