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Nested inside our practice is an organic gym designed for big city life that harnesses the proven health benefits of biophilic, nature-inspired design and real-world fitness training. This means we won’t be using machines or mats to exercise, but rather help you become a Generalist, by teaching a wide range of movement vocabulary so that you may be ready for anything that life throws at you!

In January 2017, a research study performed by the UK Active Research Institute in London analyzed the benefits of this unique form of “indoor green exercise” and concluded this type of gym concept can reduce stress levels, improve mood and add a sense of natural vitality.

In keeping with the organic, nature-inspired design, all the training equipment is made of wood, leather, cotton or rope, including the bespoke wooden pull-up bar with finger grips, the handmade calf leather punching bag, and the sustainable wood WaterRower. Once a class is complete, our clients leave physically and mentally fitter for the great outdoors!

Our approach not only encourages daily movement and long-term health but is also:
Varies in Intensity (Easy To Hard)
Varies in Pace (Slow to Fast)

We offer a variety of classes that cover a wide range of levels and skills. Find out more information about our fantastic training classes that you will not only look forward to but will also challenge you and your body to live a healthier life.

Training Classes We Offer

Movement Class

This class is mid-pace and mid-intensity; therefore, allowing those taking the class to focus on the quality of their movements and develop their agility, skill, and confidence before adding weight or reps as we do in the other classes. The Movement class with allow you to expand your movement vocabulary at your own speed. You should expect to roll, balance, hang and crawl while in this class.

Mobility Class

The Mobility class is a slower pace and low intensity. This class will focus on active flexibility work with some strength components while expanding the body’s range of motion, which will open up opportunities for more movement variety while developing a healthier spine, hips and joints.

Strength Class

Strength class is another slow pace class but has high intensity. This class will have you performing exercises with body weight and added resistance. In this class, you can expect lots of isometric holds, plyometrics and low rep ranges using the rings, beams, ropes, parallettes, and sandbags; as well as, challenging locomotion patterns.

Stamina Class

This class is fast pace and high intensity. In this class, you will perform bodyweight or light resistance exercises only, with high rep ranges. The moves in this class will be constantly varied movement-based interval training. You can expect to crawl, jump, sprint, practice get-ups, twists, shadow boxing and more!


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