A patient recieves a dry needling procedure in Calgary

Dry Needling: A Way to Treat Muscle Pain

Dry needling is an invasive procedure where a fine needle, such as an acupuncture needle, is inserted into a trigger point in a muscle. Trigger points are irritable spots in muscles that can be tender and feel like little knots or lumps in the muscle. 

A patient recieves a dry needling procedure in Calgary

Hyperactive trigger points can cause both local and referred pain and may also contribute to muscle weakness and restricted range of motion (ROM).  The pain caused by trigger points is due to hypoxia (decreased oxygenation) and decreased blood flow within the trigger point.  This can lead to pain and sensitization of the muscle and the nervous system.  

Dry needling has been shown to decrease hyperactive muscle tone, improve pain and increase ROM.  The mechanism is thought to be due to a local twitch response of the muscle being needled, the increase in local blood flow and oxygenation and the stimulation of a local and central nervous system response.  

Dry needling is indicated for myofascial pain and the management of strains, tendinopathies and osteoarthritis.  It is performed by a physiotherapist trained in the procedure. 

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