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Natural Way’s Calgary Chiropractors know how important it is to maintain your optimal health and condition, that is why we are dedicated to your individual recovery, health, and wellness.

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Our first priority is always delivering outstanding care. We are never going to guess at your health, it is our mission to get to the root cause of your health concern to give you lasting results.

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Natural Way Chiropractic is pleased to have been serving Calgary, Alberta for over 24 years, winning the Calgary top choice award 4 years running and over 430 google reviews with a 4.9 average rating.

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Our Calgary chiropractor, massage, and physiotherapy practitioners are dedicated to providing excellent patient care. Professionalism, empathy and listening are top priorities in our care process at Natural Way Chiropractic.

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Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of corrective chiropractic care and therapies. Natural Way has been dedicated to creating amazing natural health changes in the residents of Calgary’s lives for over 23 years now.

Natural Way’s professional Calgary chiropractors offer gentle adjusting techniques using the integrator and Blair Upper Cervical adjustments. Each adjustment is tailored to your needs depending on your concerns.

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Our Services

Natural Way Chiropractic is pleased to offer a variety of natural health care services to the individuals and families living in Calgary, Alberta.

Back Pain & Headaches

Back problems are among the most common chronic conditions in Canada. Four out of five adults will experience at least one episode of back pain at some time in their lives. Our specific patient centered approach has helped thousands of people heal from these common ailments and get back to living their best life.

Injury Recovery

We tailor your chiropractic needs to what misalignments we see in your body with gentle techniques including Blair Upper Cervical, Torque Release with Integrator, Thompson Drop, Diversified, Instrument adjusting


We tailor your chiropractic needs to what mis-alignments we see in your spine and body with gentle techniques including Blair Upper Cervical, Torque Release with Integrator, Thompson Drop, Diversified, and Instrument adjusting.

Concussion Management

Managing and navigating concussions can be difficult. The key component to complete concussion recovery is how quickly an injured brain can begin rehabilitation with a concussion management team. We have practitioners trained specifically in concussion assessment and management. We offer baseline testing so if you experience a concussion we have a good history so we can help you recover.

Massage Therapy

We are equipped to handle all your massage needs. All of therapists are extremely experienced with a minimum of 5 years’ experience they offer many techniques including deep tissue, sports, cranio-sacral, myofascial, cupping and relaxation massage.

Pediatric Care

Our team is highly trained and experienced in delivering pediatric-specific care, that is reflective of the delicate stage of development and is appropriate for their age.

Pregnancy and Postpartum

If you are pregnant and want to have the best possible birth, our doctors can help. Both Dr. Kale and Dr. Patricia are trained in the Webster technique. That coupled with our other gentle approaches help to make your pregnancy and birthing experience as stress-free as possible. After the arrival of your new addition we recognize the importance of Fostering the bond between mother and child, our personalized, natural care plans are designed to address the unique challenges faced during this very important parenting stage.

Posture Correction

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We treat a wide range of patients and conditions. Our patients range from kids with concussions to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery and more. We use various manual therapies, acupuncture, craniosacral, myofascial release, and exercise prescriptions.

Feel Free From Pain and Optimize your Health

Our Health Team’s goal is to optimize your health through specific and effective strategies. Natural Way’s Chiropractic services are designed to address your specific needs, quickly, and gently.

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“Great place to go; they are the perfect combination of friendly and professional. Our entire family of 5 goes to Natural Way and loves it. They are affordable and we have had success in the way we are feeling and healing.”

Kelly Bouwman

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From newborns to adults Natural Way Chiropractic has the care you need. If you are ready to experience the vitality that comes with an optimally function body, it’s time to visit Natural Way Chiropractic, in Calgary, Alberta.

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We are pleased to have over 350+ happy patients at Natural Way Chiropractic.

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The team at Natural Way Chiropractic is ready to provide the care you and your family need. If you are ready to experience the vitality that comes with an optimally function body, book a new patient appointment today to get started on your natural health journey.